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The Society

In November 2002 a new international society was set up to provide a forum for the disparate groups involved in medical screening. The Medical Screening Society will provide a forum for people interested in screening to discuss their ideas and problems, to debate controversial topics in a friendly and constructive way, and to share their experiences. The Journal of Medical Screening will be the journal of the Society.

The Society will:

  • Set up working groups to look at problems and controversies in medical screening.
  • Produce scientific reports that would be published in the Journal of Medical Screening.
  • Hold periodic scientific meetings on screening.
  • Have a page in each issue of the Journal of Medical Screening
  • Download the rules of the society

    June 2013

    Professor Jacob (Jack) Canick

    Medical Screening Society founding member Jack Canick died on 19 May 2013. As a tribute to him and his teaching a new page provides downloads of many of his talks.

    Medical Screening Society, 29/30 Newbury Street, London EC1A 7HZ